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The Peacock Dragon in Dragon Story is a Yellow & Purple type dragon that you can purchase in the market or breed. It is a Yellow & Purple colored hybrid  dragon and requires a specific Yellow & Purple type combination to breed. Check out the combination below at the end to know how to breed this Peacock Dragon

If you want to evolve your dragon in Dragon Story then you need to level them to level 4 to evolve into the teen stage then level them to level 6 where he will need to use the evolution temple at the end of the level to evolve into their adult form. After this process you can evolve the dragon into his epic form when he reaches level 10.

Dragon Story Game Description Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Information
You don’t need to tell the Peacock Dragon that it’s adorable. It knows. But it likes to hear it all the same. It struts around your island with its marvelous purple coat and round golden eyes, gazing reproachfully at other dragons who puff out their chests as the Peacock Dragon passes. Rarity:
Super Rare
Breed Time:
18 Hours
Buying Price: 600 Gold
Habitat: Purple & Yellow
Evolution Time:
18 hours
Baby  Teen
 Dragon Story – Peacock Dragon
Adult  Epic
Peacock Dragon Breeding Combination   Dragon Story: Peacock Dragon Level 1 Earning
To breed the Peacock dragon in Dragon Story you must use the Purple dragon and a Air Dragon within your breeding mix. Alternatively you can use any dragons that add up to Purple and Yellow elements for a chance to get him too! 120 coins / Hour

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  1. Can anyone tell me what you get breeding a scorpion and peacock dragon?

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