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The  in is a Yellow/Blue type dragon that you can purchase in the market. It is a Yellow/Blue type dragon which means it will go onto the Yellow/Blue type habitat and start gaining you coins with other Yellow type dragons or hybrids. This dragon is consideYellow one of the main elements to breeding hybrids and other dragons.

If you want to evolve your dragon in Dragon Story then you need to level them to level 4 to evolve into the teen stage then level them to level 6 where he will need to use the evolution temple at the end of the level to evolve into their adult form. After t his process you can evolve the dragon into his epic form when he reaches level 10.

Dragon Story Game Description Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Information
The Mindvolt Dragon has a mind of its own, and it’s not a quiet mind. With a casual thought, Mindvolt Dragons can cause massive electrical storms. Rarity: Rare
Breed Time:  22 Hours 
Buying Price:   600 Gold
Selling Price:
Habitat: Water, AirEvolution Time: 22 Hours
Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Baby  Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Teen
 Dragon Story - Mindvolt Dragon Baby  Dragon Story - Mindvolt Dragon Teen
Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Adult  Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Epic
Fire Dragon Breeding Combination   Dragon Story: Mindvolt Dragon Level 10 Earning
 To breed the Mindvolt dragon in Dragon Story you must use the Water dragon and a Air dragon within your breeding mix. 990 coins / Hour

Dragon Story App & Breeding Guides:

  • fire and mist 14 hours breeding time
  • water and mindvolt dragon 22 hours of breeding

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