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The Elements Dragon in Dragon Story is a Red/Green/Blue type dragon that you can purchase in the market or craft. It is a Red/Green/Blue type dragon which means it will go onto the Red/Green/Blue type habitat and start gaining you coins with other Red/Green/Blue type dragons or hybrids.

If you want to evolve your dragon in Dragon Story then you need to level them to level 4 to evolve into the teen stage then level them to level 6 where he will need to use the evolution temple at the end of the level to evolve into their adult form. After this process you can evolve the dragon into his epic form when he reaches level 10. You cannot go beyond level in the game but you will see other dragons in

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the battle arena that are beyond level 10.

Dragon Story Game Description Dragon Story: Elements Dragon Information
If you hatch a Elements Dragon, you’d better be ready for some changes to your Isles. They don’t just need room to grow and fly — they need space to ski, ice skate, and bobsled race, too. Their competitive spirit is contagious, and winter sports will be everywhere before you know it! Rarity: Rare
Buying Price: 300 Gold
Habitat: Red/Green/Blue
Evolution Time: 13 hours
Baby Teen
Dragon Story Elements Dragon Baby Dragon Story Elements Dragon Egg Dragon Story Elements Dragon Teen
Adult Epic
Dragon Story Elements Dragon Adult Dragon Story Elements Dragon Epic
Elements Dragon Breeding Combination Dragon Story: Elements Dragon Level 10 Earning
You need to use the Life Dragon + Water Dragon to get this dragon into your game. 2,560 coins / Hour

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