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The Diamond Dragon in Dragon Story is a Diamond type dragon that takes a considerable amount of time to breed or you can purchase him in the market for 2000 gold pieces. It is a Diamond type dragon which means it will go onto the Diamond type habitat. If you

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want to evolve your dragon in Dragon Story then you need to level them to level 4 to evolve into the teen stage then level them to level 6 where he will need to use the evolution temple at the end of the level to evolve into their adult form. After t his process you can evolve the dragon into his epic form when he reaches level 10.

Dragon Story Game Description Dragon Story: Magic Dragon Information
Everyone wants to sneak a peek of a newborn Diamond Dragon! They’re indestructible from birth. If they want to play with lions or go bungee jumping, no problem! Rarity: Ultra Rare Breed Time: 44 Hours Buying Price: 2000 Gold Habitat: Diamond Fields
Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Baby Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Teen
Dragon Story Diamond Dragon Baby
Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Adult Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Epic
Diamond Dragon Breeding Combination Dragon Story: Diamond Dragon Level 10 Earning
To breed the Diamond Dragon in Dragon Story you must use the firestorm dragon and a island dragon within your breeding mix. 405 coins / Hour

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  1. How do you breed a diamond dragon in dragon story

    • You need to make your firestorm and island dragon level seven before you breed them

      • Can Firestorm and island both level 10 work

      • my firestorm and island are both already level 10. will that still produce a diamond?

        • This is crap. Why is it some rare and super rares come at first try, but others take forever? Such a waste of gold/money….my dragons-the firestorm and island-are both at level 8′s and I did not get a diamond dragon. I keep getting Island dragons and Coral dragons. It’s pissing me off. I tried a bunch of times to get an Aether dragon..nothing. So…doesn’t seem to matter what level…no guarantees of anything.

          • Wizard/Fairy worked for me, got a Diamond after 35 tries. My daughter got an Infinity first time with this combo

        • Hey, all! Can you help me, please??
          I will be breed a Diamant Dragon. No Funktion
          Firestorm and Island = firestorm no Diamant :(

      • I used a Luck Dragon and an Eagle Dragon and got a Diamond Dragon on the 1st try. You just need 4 different color gems represented when breeding. That’s all that matters.

        • I used a mist and wild dragon got diamond first time, repeats got scorpion athletic and life dragons. Luck!!!!

          • I used a honeybee and aurora, first time for that breeding… Tried planet/island over so many times I cannot count!

  2. How do you breed Titan dragon in dragon story❔❔

  3. Get a charm and Atlantis. Just got a Titan.

  4. If you do Atlantis and scorpion both level 10 can you get a diamond dragon

  5. Not true they can be level 4

  6. To get a titan dragon you have to breed red and purple. (Charm and magic dragons)

  7. How many times does it take to get a diamond dragon with Firestorm and Island both level seven?

  8. Plz add me R3DRUM210

  9. I have tried firestorm and island over and over on level 7 and 10 it won’t give me diamond!!! Pls help!!

  10. So would an Atlantis and Firestorm work? It’s all four elements… I don’t like the way the Island Dragon looks. It’s too clunky… There’s several of the dragon species I just don’t want on my island because they don’t look right…

    • I feel the same way. I just trade the dragons I don’t want at the trading post (you should buy one if you don’t have one they don’t cost much) and in return you can save up gems to craft the rare dragons like Ruby, Topaz, Pearl Dragon. You must evolve the dragons once in the evolution chamber though before they can be traded. Good luck!

  11. I spent almost 2 monthd with Firestorm + Island but never get Diamond. Finally I used Light Dragon with Super Dragon…. OMG it’s Diamond dragon I just got the egg, please try!

  12. Add me equisitefinds

  13. Just got a diamond dragon. I’m level 42, and got it by breeding a athletic dragon on the left and fruitful dragon on the right (although I’ve heard that side doesn’t matter)

  14. Yay I have three diamonds…. here are my combos

    Diamond 1 = super/luck
    Diamond 2= super/crusader (for this combo u have to have a diamond already)
    Diamond 3= super/fuzzy

    Go Super Dragons!!

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  17. Diamond dragon is any combo red yellow blue green doesnt matter . It’s pure luck and actually island and firestorm worst combo there both common dragons like a mermaid nd scorpion dragon is a better combo.

  18. I bred Firestorm and Serpent, dont have the island dragon so I used a dragon with the exact same elements as the island dragon. Got it on my first try :)

  19. Any help plz. I have tried every possible combo for a diamond dragon. At least 100 times my patience is running out. I get island , fruitful, firestorm, serpent, parakeet , just about everything but a diamond. What to do ??? Anyone!!!!

  20. Any help plz. I have tried every possible combo for a diamond dragon. At least 100 times my patience is running out. I get island , fruitful, firestorm, serpent, parakeet , just about everything but a diamond. What to do ??? Anyone!!!! All dragons level 9 or 10.

  21. I try island and fire storm and got athletic dragon any android users how u got the diamond dragon??

  22. Is possible to have 2 evolution temples? I have so manu dragons that need evolving!!!x

  23. 2 weeks and still no diamond..

  24. I know my dragons are at the limit and its making me mad because need a diamond

  25. Аdd me alldatcuteness :) thanks!

  26. I got a Diamond on first try with Serpent and Charm, both level 4. Good breeding!

  27. I got it on my first try with serpent and eagle

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